3 Simple Examples of the Magic of B2B Marketing

In this article, we will look at the various ways that B2B marketing, in all its shapes and forms, can upgrade your business from B2B nobody, to B2B somebody.

Companies in the B2B industry can find marketing to be one of their weakest points, especially SME’s and local businesses. Not only is the marketing world incredibly crowded and noisy, but trying to promote your business in an arena of international conglomerates and organisations that have been successfully marketing themselves for decades, can be a daunting and massively intimidating task.

Thankfully, by arming yourself and your team with the right connections, know-how and the right budget behind you, you can make a dent of your own, and take your company’s B2B marketing efforts to the next level.

The VSL experts have put together a collection of magical B2B marketing wins, to show you that in every marketing avenue, B2B can raise your game and dramatically grow your business.


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Taking on a telemarketing campaign in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. You need to allocate a separate work area, more telephones, computers, desks, hire more employees, the list goes on. For most companies, outsourcing their telemarketing is the smartest and most cost-effective option, and is exactly what Defaqto did.

Working with VSL, the Defaqto team outlined their challenge; to alert their user base to a new functionality with their financial software, and recruited VSL to contact their client-base to notify them about the new feature. This then evolved into VSL contacting existing clients to book them into webinar courses and to confirm attendance.

VSL have extensive experience in financial services, and thanks to their telemarketing expertise, were able to :

  • Make over 1700 calls
  • Book 233 webinar places
  • The Defaqto CRM database was updated and improved with new contact data
  • Spend more time making bookings over the phone rather than liaising with Defaqto, as VSL ensured experienced and professional callers were part of the telemarketing team.

VSL were not only able to provide Defaqto with increased webinar bookings and clients that are up to date with current company developments, they also organised their CRM database and spread brand awareness in a professional and informative manner. All the while maintaining a strong, informed and professional relationship with the client over the phone.


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Lead Generation
Indiana Fluid Power

Lead generation for any company, is a long and hard-won process, especially in the technology sector. Indiana Fluid Power (IFP), in this case, are a supplier of technical components and systems, and sell their tech to businesses and industrial plants across the States.

Due to the complex nature of their business and their sales funnel, they decided rather than overload their in-house Sales Team with the added task of cold-calling entirely new prospects, they would prefer them to hone their sales-nurturing skills and would instead outsource their lead generation to a 3rd party company.

They were in need of a lead generation campaign to generate business outside of their existing vicinity, and decided to outsource a specialist in cold-calling techniques to do just that. The problem was that whilst IFP knew they had competitors in areas outside of their existing business reach, they were struggling to identify them, and garner a more holistic view of their business market.

Working with their outsourced cold-calling specialist they researched their competitors, trained the phone operatives in IFP’s products, their industry terminology and collaborated to craft an engaging, informative and technically accurate script for the callers. This not only went towards generating new prospects and cultivating interest in IFP’s services, but also created an authoritative and professional brand presence in this stage of business-reach growth.

IFP placed their business’ reputation in the hands of their cold-calling experts, and reaped the rewards:

  • They had a 23% response rate, per company they contacted
  • Made further large-scale deals for IFP’s sales funnel
  • Generated 36 appointments across 150 accounts
  • Closed a business deal worth $500,000

Instead of trying to market themselves to a demographic they didn’t fully understand, IFP did the smart thing and enlisted an experienced B2B marketing expert for their assistance. Not only did it result in a significant amount of new business for them, but it helped to establish their company as an authority in the power sector outside of their vicinity, improving their reputation further afield.


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Database Development
Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence, (AI) are providers of services and management software to the UK Public Sector, Third Sector and Private Sector, and as you can imagine, with a company dealing with data and software developments, a well maintained database is key to smooth company operations!

VSL were brought on board initially to increase AI’s reach within the UK Public Sector, and improve their brand awareness with major names and influencers in the sector. Secondary to that, they were asked to generate leads for the company, which of course couldn’t happen without some comprehensive and detailed database development.

Working alongside AI and their marketing team, VSL were able to not only build a well developed and structured database, but they were also able to target the most relevant prospects and existing clients; using the marketing team’s skills to cross-reference their existing details to ensure what they collected was up to date. They looked at what business management systems the prospects were currently using, whether they were fulfilling their needs, how long they had been in place and who the gatekeeper was for its implementation. All this information went into a comprehensive database that was then merged with AI’s existing CRM system.

Automated Intelligence made a smart choice in choosing a 3rd party provider for their database development. Not only did they want to ensure that they had a company who could reach the best contacts and structure a detailed database, but they also wanted to work with a company that understood the value in professional and well-research brand awareness techniques.
VSL is such a company, and during their time together, they achieved:

  • A detailed database, with 1,000+ contacts that was imported to AI’s CRM system
  • 100+ engagements with UK Public Sector officials, which went into meetings with Automated Intelligence, webinars and seminar attendance.
  • The creation of a viable business case for AI to further invest in lead generation.
  • 50+ leads for longer term business opportunities.

So not only was VSL key in the creation of a database that covered all vital client details, ensuring accurate information was updated and stored correctly, but they also increased the leads, professional engagements and business opportunities for AI’s future.


B2B magic is everywhere, in all marketing avenues and it takes a special company to show you what can be achieved with these various techniques.

When utilised as they should be;

  • Cold calling becomes a successful telemarketing campaign.
  • Canvassing becomes a successful lead generation campaign.
  • Data inputting becomes a hugely vital database development project.

This is the magic of successful B2B marketing; it creates success from the historically avoidable and boring tasks all companies must go through.
VSL went into each of their campaigns with a flexible, holistic and structured approach, that not only allowed them to fully understand their client’s companies and needs, but also allowed them to collaborate organically as the projects moved forward, reacting intelligently to any bumps in the road that came their way.

Working with third party marketers can be a stressful and worrisome time, but with professionals such as VSL, B2B marketing can be an eye-opening and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Utilise your entire B2B marketing toolkit intelligently, and get in touch with the experts at VSL to see how we can increase your reach and ROI today.


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