Lead Generation and Telemarketing for Software – Why They’re Perfect for Each Other

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Telemarketing can be tricky at the best of times; often companies underestimate what is needed for a truly successful telemarketing campaign, and don’t put actions in place to ensure they get the results they’re looking for. This happens across the spectrum of the business world, but can be doubly hard for software companies, especially SME’s and relatively unknown brands, purely down to the level of competition out there and the complexity of their products/services.

From robotic telemarketers, uninformed phone operators, applying too much pressure on the phone and no real background information on the companies/people they’re contacting, there are dozens of reasons why telemarketing campaigns fail.

A simple fix is to hire your team a Lead Generation specialist, to give your telemarketing team the best possible start to the campaign.


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How does lead generation work?

Lead generation is a skill that takes someone with industry experience, charm and professionalism to execute properly. Their role within your team is to identify highly qualified leads for your telemarketing team, to build and maintain a functioning and accurate sales pipeline populated with the leads they uncover, and to ensure that the team is provided with the leads that are (or are soon to be) in need of the product/service they are offering.

The difference between your lead generation specialist and your telemarketers, is that though the specialist may call up these potential prospects, there is no ‘hard-sale’ to the conversation. This is an introduction that not only displays their knowledge of the industry and its needs to the prospect, but also creates brand awareness for your business in an effective and reputable way.


How telemarketing for software can benefit from solid lead generation

As illustrated above, the key elements that are lacking in your average telemarketing campaign are:

  • Sufficient prior knowledge of the needs of the prospects they’re contacting
  • Adequate industry and product/service knowledge

What makes software telemarketing historically tricky is exactly this, and this is where your software lead generation specialist will excel. Given the appropriate amount of time and the right tools, your specialist will create a database populated with lists of high-potential prospects, necessary background info on the software they currently have and the requirements they look for, while at the same time making the first introduction to your product/service in a calm and informative manner, giving your marketing team the perfect platform from which to successfully close the deal with the prospect and win you new business.


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Get it right the first time

Thanks to the bad rep that telemarketing has, it is essential that you get a lead generation specialist who has extensive experience in your given industry, knows your product like the back of their hand and has the skills, experience and drive to build and maintain a solid sales pipeline for your team. This is the first hurdle in any decent telemarketing campaign, and if overlooked will cause significant issues for you further down the line.


Do you have a sales pipeline? Do you have a Software Lead Generation specialist? These are absolute must haves in the realm of successful B2B telemarketing for Software. To get your lead generation up to scratch and winning you new business, get in touch with the VSL experts to see how we could help improve your sales pipeline today, to win you more business tomorrow.


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