11 Reasons for Outbound Telesales

If you’ve got a great product or service to sell, then it’s vital that you take advantage of any leads you’ve got and work hard to develop more opportunities to deliver what you offer to potential customers. If you really want to make the most of it, then make a telesales campaign one of your core marketing activities. Here are the Top 11 reasons why you should run a telesales campaign to help boost your business:

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By combining telesales with direct mail and Internet marketing, you get a multi-faceted method of creating plenty of leads. But a telesales campaign offers something that the others just don’t; it makes a personal connection between two people. You can’t get that through a postcard or an electronic message.

Telesales campaigns create leads by developing personal relationships. By just using your natural your voice you can increase your chances of making a sale, before the prospect is willing to meet face to face with a salesman. If you’re speaking to a person, it’s very easy to tailor your message directly to that person’s individual responses, rather than just reading from a script. That’s another thing that a postcard can’t do.

You can use telesales to effectively qualify the leads that you receive through other means such as your website and brochure or literature requests. You increase the chances of converting prospects to sales by pre-qualifying these leads early on. This prevents you from wasting time and money trying to sell to weak leads. Telesales is a cost effective way to qualify your existing leads so that you don’t pass on those weak leads to your sales team.

Telesales offer you the opportunity to seek out any of your prospect’s potential objections long before the topic of the actual sale arises. This is the perfect opportunity to remove all possible barriers to the sale by listening carefully to the person at the other end. By using Telesales to build trust and remove obstacles in advance, you can make converting the sale so much easier at a later stage.

Telesales and telemarketing experts strongly advise that the best way to make a sale is to speak to the people at the top in any organisation. If you can carefully dodge the Gate Keeper and get through to a company’s top executives, you’ll increase your chances of making a sale. Speaking personally to the people that can make the decisions is the best way to spend your telesales time.

Believe it or not, an unnecessary amount of your sales data is in incorrect. Some studies have shown that up to 20% of your data is duplicated, filled with errors or simply wrong. Telesales campaigns give you the opportunity to correct errors and clean your records out. This will prevent your sales team from wasting time contacting the wrong people or contact the right people on multiple occasions when duplicate leads exist in your sales system. Using telesales to clean out your old sales records can massively increase your success rate.

These days, telesales can be used as a highly cost effective way of marketing your products and services to the right people. If you outsource your telesales to a professional telesales team, you can massively cut the costs of your sales activities by using a telesales campaign as a powerful resource in your sales and marketing arsenal. Expert telesales teams will easily pay for themselves; so don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to increase revenue at a difficult economic time.

A successful telesales operator has the skill and expertise to turn an initial ‘No Thank You’ into a ‘Yes Please’. Persuasive telesales staff are experienced in removing objections to a decision-maker select to buy your product and turning around a poor sales situation. No other method of direct sales approach can as effectively transform a losing situation into a winning one. Telesales is also the most effective way to develop cold calls and turn them from disinterest into happy and satisfied customers.

Using out-bound telesales provides you with more than just the opportunity to make sales. You can use it to upgrade people’s existing services, test prospects, increase cash flow, make appointments and even re-awaken dormant customers. Telesales is also a very effective method of fund-raising if you’re a charity or charitable business. Don’t forget that telesales staff are also highly effective telemarketers and can promote your products and services as well as aiming to sell them.

With telesales, you don’t have any geographic boundaries. Your telesales staff can call anyone, anywhere in the world. Your telesales team can call people in the UK or Holland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Japan – you can also hire a team which speaks the language you need to sell in, not just English. Telesales means that your business can be global, and not just local. Global span means global profits at reduced cost.

If you listen carefully to people on the telephone, you can discover opportunities that you never knew existed. Telesales staff are great at producing remarkable results for your business by seeking out opportunities that are found ‘outside the box’.

Telesales is unrivalled in its effectiveness to make connections. How else could you speak to hundreds of potential clients in so short a time period? Whatever your needs, the speed of telesales is one of the most impressive factors in its success. If you have a long list of prospects, a skilled and experienced telesales team can efficiently glean the most from it in just a few hours.

Andy Dickens

Andy Dickens is a veteran of IT Sales, used to leading by example. He is the CEO of Virtual Sales Limited (VSL) who offer telesales, telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting services to B2b businesses. He previously was Sales Director EMEA for Red Hat and before that ran sales at Visio before it was acquired by Microsoft.