Telemarketing Success – 10 Ways to Achieving it

Telemarketing isn’t just about getting on the phone, cold calling customers and expecting people to buy whatever you’re selling. Sometimes it can be thankless work, but once you figure out how to sell and how to connect with the people that you’re on the phone with, it can become a lot of fun. Interesting, too, especially when you start to figure out your demographic and who your prospects are. To get you primed and ready for action, check out our top ten tips for telemarketing success.

  1. First Impressions Are Everything

If you’re having a bad day, don’t bring it into the office. If you’re new, don’t let it show. Have a few back-up lines of script (but don’t read them out verbatim) for the first five to thirty seconds of the conversation that will allow you to gather your thoughts and give you a feel for the type of customer you may be dealing with.

  1. Know When to Cut Your Losses

You should also have a few backup lines for knowing when to leave the conversation, if you know you’re not getting anywhere. There’s no need for rudeness or upset, but you should be able to gracefully exit the conversation. Learn to pick up on “I don’t want this and I’m not going to want this, no matter what you say” signals early on in the conversation so that you’re not wasting time.

  1. Take Advantage of the Receptionist

If you’re marketing to a company, rather than to an individual, this tip is for you. You might end up on the phone with a receptionist, secretary, or “gatekeeper”. This person may well or well not actually let you through to the person you want to speak to. The key here, without misleading or withholding information, is to make it sound as though you’re the equivalent worker as the person you’re trying to reach. Never get exasperated or angry and always be polite. The person you’re speaking with could have a lot of information that you need.

  1. Do NOT Make the Mistake of Selling to the Receptionist

If you do, you may have just lucked yourself out of a potentially excellent commission and a long-standing relationship with a client. Always, always make sure you’re selling to the person you want to be selling to.

  1. Solve People’s Problems

Making it all about the money and all about the product is all well and good, but every single person you want to sell to will want to know why your product or service is beneficial and exactly what problem it can solve for them. Hopefully, you’ll have those whys down pat, but they should be adjusted for every person that you talk to. One person’s problem is going to be different to another’s, so you should explain exactly how your product or service can solve their personal problem without it sounding like you’re reeling off a script.

  1. Always Follow Up

If you aren’t able to close the deal during the first phone call, always leave the call on good terms, and then follow up. Follow up only in a few scenarios though: if your prospect is interested in the product or service but doesn’t necessarily have the time to complete the purchase, or if they need a little more time to make a decision. If they’re not interested and you know they won’t buy, leave it. 

  1. Find Your Own Leads

You may well have already been given a leads list, but it’s worth looking at what your competitors are doing, seeing the kinds of leads they’re using, and working out exactly who you should be trying to contact. Think clearly about your demographic. The more someone needs your product, the more likely they are to buy it.

  1. Face Up to Objections

When you have flat-out objections, again, have some tried and tested tricks up your sleeve – not a script, as such, but some techniques to use when your prospect objects to your proposal. “I understand why you feel that way. Have you thought about XXX?” or demonstrating ways in which the investment in the product outweighs the risk of buying it.

  1. Don’t Just Say Goodbye

If you’ve just closed the sale and you’re getting off the phone, don’t just end the conversation with a “Right then! Bye!” You need to end the call with a friendly little exchange. Something like, “You’re just going to love this product. A lot of clients have gotten back in touch with me to let me know that they’re really enjoying the product/service after the sale.” Finish with a “Have a brilliant day!” and you’ll be well on your way.

  1. Leave a Message

Can’t get through? Although you might not get to speak to anyone, if it’s a prospect that you’re feeling particularly sure of, always, always, always leave a message. Always have one prepared, too. It’s better to get a call back in a week than it is to try again in a month.

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