Three Essential Lead Generation Activities for Websites

Marketing campaigns are all well and good, but if they’re not generating enough leads, all of that hard work will lead to very little reward. As such, it is essential for businesses to practice effective lead generation activities in order to build their sales pipelines. Three activities that can help you achieve this include:


This may seem obvious but despite us knowing that blogging regularly and having a consistent voice is an excellent way to generate leads, a lot of companies still give up within a few months when there hasn’t been a noticeable jump in leads or revenue. This is a mistake.

Blogging can help a business scale its reach dramatically. Not only this but the publishing of hyper relevant and targeted content means that traffic is normally of a much higher quality, further down the buying process and more likely to convert.

Whilst blogging does not always lead to direct conversions, regular and relevant posts can still benefit your campaign as a whole. Links and social signals acquired from individual blog posts can help support product pages and their organic rankings, which are primarily bringing in leads.

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2. Create Product Videos

Some information is better presented using visuals and moving images, rather than in blocks of text.According to Unbounce, roughly two-thirds of people are visual learners and by utilising videos a business can help to increase lead generation by a third, clearly something not to be ignored.

Depending on your industry, creating product videos is a brilliant way to show potential customers – and leads – exactly how your product or service works and what it could do for them. Software for instance, benefits greatly from videos displaying their products in use.

Using video for certain products (Salesforce) can help greatly with conversions.

3. Find the “Call to Action”

Go to your landing page now. Shut your eyes, and then look at the page as if you’ve never seen it before. Look for your call to action. Is it immediately obvious? Does it stand to attention? Does it only standout as you’re already aware of where it is positioned?

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It is vital calls to action are clear and standout because if they aren’t you could be losing potential sales. Recently a travel website called CTA put there call to actions in more prominent positions above the fold and increased leads by +591%.

For more help with your marketing – and for even more lead generation tips, get in touch with Virtual Sales Limited today.

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Andy Dickens

Andy Dickens is a veteran of IT Sales, used to leading by example. He is the CEO of Virtual Sales Limited (VSL) who offer telesales, telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting services to B2b businesses. He previously was Sales Director EMEA for Red Hat and before that ran sales at Visio before it was acquired by Microsoft.