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If you want to learn a few tips and tricks of the telemarketing trade, some of the most successful marketing experts in the world have spilled their secrets in step by step guides and books. The following are some of the best telemarketing books on the market, and are on the Amazon bestseller lists in the UK and in the US.

Download them or buy a copy from your nearest bookshop today, and see how much your business can benefit from the knowledge of these marketing giants.


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  1. Cold Calling for Cowards – How to Turn the Fear of Rejection into the Opportunities, Sales and Money

If you’re new to telemarketing and you’re still a little bit scared of rejection, this book is an excellent resource, showing you how to turn that fear into the sales you’re looking for. It also discusses voice inflection, how to retain customers and what to ask on the call.

Author: Jerry Hocutt


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  1. I’d Rather Have a Root Canal than Do Cold Calling!

Another book for those new to the game, this book is incredibly useful for people who are nervous about the objections that often come with cold calling and some of the stereotypes that can surround telemarketers. It’s useful for jaded old timers, too, as it teaches how having a positive attitude and high expectations can lead to a successful outcome.

Author: Shawn A. Greene


  1. How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection

The title says it all. This book aims to teach seasoned telemarketers how to sell more of their products and services, using less of their time, so that they can make even more calls – allowing them to make even more money.

Author: Art Sobczak


  1. The Cold Calling Secret

This book uses cases studies, as well as extremely specific and relevant examples, to illustrate exactly how and why your choice of words make a difference. It also gives some cold hard figures about what salespeople think of themselves, versus what buyers think of them – for example, you might not differentiate yourself from the competition as much as you think you do.

Author: Mark Boardman


  1. Selling to Anyone Over the Phone

This title is designed to generate excitement. It teaches readers how to get their prospects genuinely excited about their products or services, so that selling them is a breeze. There’s a section for learning how to speak to gatekeepers, as well as how to use techniques such as webinars and teleconferences tosell.

Authors: Renee P. Walkup and Sandra McKee


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  1. Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

Schiffman has a reputation as one of America’s very best corporate sales trainers. He shows you how to refine your technique when leaving voicemails, how to network, which talking points you’ll need to hit in order to set an appointment as well as how to properly listen to what the client wants and show them how you can meet their needs.

Author: Stephen Schiffman


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  1. Telephone Sales for Dummies

The “for Dummies” series of books are always packed with information for those new to whichever subject they’re on, but they also have a lot of information for those who may have been in the game for a long time. This book includes scripts, dialogues, examples and ideas for helping you to plan interesting and engaging dialogue with your prospects.

Author: Dirk Zeller


  1. Telephone Tips That Sell: 501 How-to Ideas and Affirmations to Help You Get More Business By Phone

Another book by acclaimed sales writer Art Sobczak, this title is easy to dip in and out of, providing 501 simple yet effective actionable steps that you can use to boost your telephone sales the next time you get on the phone.

Author: Art Sobczak


  1. The Real Secret of the Top 20%: How to Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone

This clever book promises to teach telemarketers the secrets to moving into the top 20% of their field, providing scripts, techniques and skills that you can use on your next call, boosting your income.

Author: Mike Brooks


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  1. Selling to Big Companies

Whether you’re new to telemarketing or not, learning how to differentiate your sales tactics when talking to individuals on the phone compared to talking to big companies is incredibly important. Landing contracts with big companies could make a huge difference to your commission, and this book helps to take out some of the mystery of selling to these big, corporate entities.

Author: Jill Konrath



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