Why Your Business Needs a Lead Generation Specialist

If your business operates in the B2B world then there is one thing that is almost guaranteed: your business needs leads!

Without leads you can’t close sales, and without closing sales you can’t win new customers. No matter what your business model, unless you are 100% focused on advertising revenue you need to win new customers to grow and to be successful.

A normal sales funnel might look like this:

funnel (004)

So now that we have established that you need leads, the next question is how you should go about generating them. When generating leads, three things are important:

Ensuring your leads are high quality

  • Ensuring they are pre-sold on your services
  • Ensuring they can afford your services

One of the frustrating things that you might face with some lead generation activities is that you will get a mixed bag of leads, some will be excellent quality, but some (perhaps even most) will be of a much lower quality.

Naturally, low quality leads are disappointing, but they are also a waste of your time.

Typical Lead Generation Activities

The best way to approach lead generation is often to use a mix of different strategies – hopefully ones which can work together to improve both the quantity and quality of leads.

  • Blogging / Content
    You’ve surely heard the term “content marketing” by this point. It’s a popular strategy and an effective one if done right. Content marketing has the power to generate leads but also to pre-sell those leads, making life easier for your sales team.
  • Social Media
    Social media is one of those things that can work well or not so well. When it does work, it is a great way to network and make yourself known to potential leads and influencers. It also gives your brand more personality, which can be helpful.
  • Advertising
    This is the classic lead generation method, and it’s not going anywhere. It will always have the potential to generate business, but it’s also usually the most expensive and making it work can be tough.
  • Lead Gen Specialists
    A lead generation specialist can work with the leads generated by your other activities as well as helping to generate new ones. If you have a bottle neck in your business model and need more new business, a lead gen specialist could be the right answer.

What Does A Lead Generation Specialist Do?

A lead generation specialist will generally offer a handful of services, but for most B2B businesses the main two benefits are:

  • Generating new leads from outbound telemarketing
  • Pre-qualifying leads in order to make your sales funnel more efficient

Generating New Leads

If your business is well established, with a powerful content marketing strategy and a respected brand, you may already have enough enquiries rolling in. But most businesses are not in such an enviable position.

A lead generation specialist can use telemarketing and research (and hopefully their own experience and wisdom) to find new prospects who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise have found your business. They can then warm them up, pre-sell and pre-qualify them and forward any promising leads to you or your sales team.

As long as these leads meet a minimum quality requirement, all you need to do is close those sales and bring that lead into your business as a new client.

If you don’t already have a reliable stream of prospects, or if you need a higher quantity of leads in order to grow – the advantages of such a service are pretty obvious.

Pre-Qualifying Leads

Another service that a lead gen specialist may be able to provide is a pre-qualification service. This can be particularly useful if you have a large quantity of leads coming in from your existing marketing activities, but the quality is variable.

In this context, your specialist will be able to contact incoming leads and pre-qualify them in order to weed out lower quality prospects and then send only the most promising leads to your sales team.

The advantages to this are:

  • Taking the burden away from your sales team
  • Freeing up your sales team to invest more time in the prospects that are more worthwhile
  • Motivating your sales team (low quality leads are terrible for moral!)

Naturally, a more focused stream of prospects will both increase your sales team’s success rate and reduce the load on your sales team – perhaps enabling them to spend more time on other marketing activities (such as content or social media).


So now you know why you need a lead generation specialist, you just need to get in touch with the experts at VSL, and watch your high-quality leads roll in and your ROI double!


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Andy Dickens

Andy Dickens is a veteran of IT Sales, used to leading by example. He is the CEO of Virtual Sales Limited (VSL) who offer telesales, telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting services to B2b businesses. He previously was Sales Director EMEA for Red Hat and before that ran sales at Visio before it was acquired by Microsoft.