Lead Generation for SME’s

Lead Generation can be a daunting prospect for SME’s. Grow your business’ reach and revenue with VSL for quality business leads that make a difference

At Virtual Sales we pride ourselves on our flexibility and professional expertise, giving us the edge over our competitors. Our sector knowledge and innate flexibility allows us to provide tailored and successful campaigns to company’s of all sizes, whether they’re international or local.

So whether you’re looking to build onto an existing campaign or develop your first one, Virtual Sales is well-placed to get you results.

Hannah Rosenberg

"The results were outstanding. Our dedicated caller excelled in everything she did"

We used VSL to embark on our first sales driven campaign and the results were outstanding. Not only did our dedicated caller get the results we needed, she excelled in everything she did for High Life Productions. Both Andy and Kate are great people to deal with, they are always on the other end of the phone if we need them. I would highly recommend using VSL to kick start any small business.

Hannah Rosenberg, High Life Productions

Why choose us?

Virtual Sales’ technical and detailed approach allows us to be much more flexible with our clients. We understand the difficulties that come with lead generation for SME’s, and we ensure that we first understand your business needs in order to work well alongside it before we get the ball rolling.

We offer:

  • We achieve an average increase in leads of 30% + for SME’s
  • Intelligent and proven process to lead generation
  • Highly technical and skilled team members
  • Years of industry experience within the SME industry
  • Transparency in all VSL activity throughout a campaign
  • Ongoing campaign progress reports
  • ROI focused lead generation campaigns

We Get Results

  • +489% in appointment setting

    Wolters Kluwer
  • +30% in new business leads

  • +55 new business opportunities in 25 days


Trusted by over 500 companies across the globe

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We make it easy to generate significantly more high quality leads

  • 2. We find out what you want to achieve
    2. We find out what you
    want to achieve

    We'll arrange a call to learn about your goals, your business and your target customers and the volume of leads you require. We'll then send you a tailored campaign proposal.

  • 3. Our sales professionals get to know your business
    3. Our sales professionals
    get to know your business

    Our sales team will then be in touch to get to know your business in detail, so they can sell your offering effectively.

  • 4. We get you high-quality leads
    4. We get you
    high-quality leads

    Our sales professionals work to generate as many qualified leads as possible. You're constantly kept in the loop and we'll review the campaign weekly to ensure it's perfoming.

Our Process

At VSL we start our campaigns by getting a deep understanding of your business and its unique needs. Every SME is different, and this in turn has an effect on our approach to crafting your lead generation strategy; we don’t use templates. Our team has a wealth of expert knowledge ready to source out the best leads for your business, and we make sure to only target the leads that will get you the best results.

Through our Cloud Based Portal, our clients have access to all campaign activity including customer communications, appointments and data collection throughout the duration. This ensures that all parties are on the same page and transparency is maintained.

Our attention to detail, flexibility and expertise in lead generation benefits SME’s who have just started out, or those looking for a new direction with their IT telemarketing. So if you’re looking for lead generation experts who will work with you and not just for you, get in contact with Virtual Sales.

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