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    From Your Seminar to Sales, Capitalise on Your Leads

    At VSL we know that to maximise your seminars ROI, you need a reliable and efficient way to approach, obtain and track leads/attendees. With over 50 years of experience in managing sales services and seminar attendance, our team can help you capitalise on leads while they are still warm.

    • Seminar Attendee Service
      With our Seminar Attendee Service, we’ll find your attendees, either from your own data lists or from bought in data.
      We’ll also call people about your seminar, send them any literature, follow up to make sure they have the details, make sure that payments are received, as well as conducting a ‘day before attendance confirmation check’.
    • Seminar Follow Up Service
      Our Seminar Follow Up service helps you track your leads after the event. With minimum input from you, we’ll phone your attendees and follow up with your plan, whether there is a piece of software which they should be buying, a few days consulting to recommend, or another seminar that they should attend, we’ll make sure that they know the next steps to take.
    • Secure

    • Follow Up
      on Leads

    • Close New

    Maximise Your Seminar Attendance and Follow Up Success with Virtual Sales

    Used by

    • Virtue Technologies
    • CURA
    • EMH Technology
    • Microsoft
    • Digivate
    • Legal Edge
    • Livingstone
    • AVG

    Why Virtual Sales

    • No long term contract
    • 50+ years of experience
    • Flexible and professional callers
    • No scripts, all conversational
    • Assigned project manager
    • Highly qualified leads
    • Intelligent Calling
    • No long term contract

    Curtis PrestonCurtis Preston

    Founder Truth in IT

    “I continue to be amazed at how successful and close of a relationship I have with a team that is half-way around the world. We found VSL when we needed to recruit for some seminars in the UK. We tested them and two other telemarketing firms and gave them each a subset of our contacts. The results and the level of professionalism from th e VSL team put them ahead of the rest by a mile.”

    “Then the really unexpected happened. Andy proposed that they call for our US seminars as well. My initial response was, “who outsources calling services from the US to the UK? Wouldn’t that be logistically difficult and cost me more than what I could get in the states?” Andy assured me that he would be both logistically efficient and cost competitive. That was 2 years and dozens of calling campaigns ago, and Andy couldn’t have been more right.”

    “The cost is right within line with what I would pay a US team to do their job, and the logistics are easier than I ever imagined. We decided that the most effective method of working together was to give the VSL team direct access to our marketing automation system ( Now Kate watches our email campaigns and calls me when we need their services! (I gave her the parameters of when I think a campaign needs phone help, and she watches for those parameters.) I give the go-ahead and she takes it from there, downloading the calling sheets directly from our system and managing the whole process from start to finish. All I have to do is set a budget and agree to pay them when they’re done. VSL is a core part of our team and essential to the success of our company.”

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    Nuala McDowell Nuala McDowell

    Marketing Manager Automated Intelligence

    “It has been a pleasure to work with VSL (Virtual Sales Limited). They have been an integral part of our marketing team for over a year and a half and have been instrumental to the development of our business. The team’s responsive and highly professional nature enabled us to develop an excellent working relationship. They understood our message and were enthusiastic about our products and services.”

    “In all the various campaigns we have worked on, they have researched contacts and networked within accounts to secure meetings and event attendees. Using VSL demonstrated to our CEO and sales team the benefits of having a lead generation arm. Our business has nw grown exponentially and as such we have eventually made the strategic decision to recruit a dedicated in-house telesales team. VSL were very committed in building rapport and developing relationships which has given our internal sales team a good foundation to develop further.”

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