What role should telemarketing play within a B2B marketing strategy?

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Whatever the state of the economy, every successful business will be constantly searching for new clients that can benefit from their services and products, yet generating high quality leads has proven to be one of the biggest challenges that B2B marketers face. Marketing teams tend to churn out multi channel campaigns in an attempt to get as many leads as possible, hoping that one will resonate with the audience and generate a lead.

This rather ‘hit and miss’ approach can be a drain in both resources and budgets, with few ‘quality’ leads to show for it at the end of the day. As with most things, a well-researched and logical blend of a range of marketing channels and a clear strategy will not only win new leads, but will also deliver long-term profitable relationships for your business and sustain that all important sales pipeline,

Integrating telemarketing into the marketing mix; telemarketing is a complementary and integral part of any B2B marketing strategy, and has proven to be a highly effective means for generating leads and increasing sales. By integrating telemarketing before, during or after a marketing campaign, such as direct or e-mail, event/exhibition or digital project, you stand a better chance of creating a better impression, developing longer-lasting relations and gaining invaluable sales opportunities.

Here are 7 ways that telemarketing can be used to support your B2B marketing strategy:

Create Awareness

Telemarketing creates awareness that helps to engage with potential customers and upsell new products or services to existing customers.

Create Dialogue

One of the greatest advantages of telemarketing is the ability to build relationships and interact in a way that just isn’t possible through other marketing activities. Communicating your message via the telephone gives the prospect opportunity to ask questions, and you get to gauge reaction and hear feedback immediately. This two-way dialogue makes telemarketing a unique and powerful marketing channel.

Provide ‘warmer’ leads

Telemarketing is a great way to warm up cold leads by doing the initial prospecting via the telephone and then farming the warmer leads to a sales team to take to the next stage. It’s also more cost effective than leaving this to field sales to do themselves.

Help to explain complex issues

If you are selling more complex or technical services that need explanation or clarification, then telemarketing provides greater insight and understanding so the prospect is more likely to buy.

Nurture Existing Relationships

Telemarketing helps to nurture relationships with your existing clients: up selling, brand reinforcement, and market research are just some of the ways that telemarketing can help foster relationships and retain those all-important clients you’ve worked so hard to reach.

Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

Telemarketing helps to eliminate any prospects that may prove to be a waste of time to pursue. This can save a company from spending precious resources and time on those that simply aren’t interested or appropriate for any further sales follow-up.

Critical Communications

When you have to communicate information that is critical to your clients – or your business, telemarketing ensures that the information reaches the right audience quickly and that they fully understand the implications


By integrating your marketing efforts, it gives you the opportunity to take your messages further and allows you to uncover new business leads. But it’s also important to strike the right balance for your own business, and determine which channels actually deliver the highest ROI.


How is your company integrating their marketing efforts? Which of these telemarketing functions do you consider to be the strongest? Contact VSL to discuss how you can integrate telemarketing into your marketing strategy, and watch as the new leads roll in.


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