In order for you to grow your business, you need to understand the economic and competitive environment in which you operate and the needs of your existing and potential customers. Our consultants and researchers can help you learn more about your customers and your market, minimising your risks as you plan new developments.

These are just some of the activities we could help you with:

  • Market & Competitor Research – External research of your market, including a study and analysis of your competition and assessing the threats they pose to you. Researching the markets to identify opportunities available to you.
  • Customer Research – Surveying your existing and potential customers, determining their experience with your organisation and identifying opportunities for your business and what else they would buy from you. We can also interview previous customers to understand why they no longer purchase from your organisation.

  • Revealing potential new customers or new markets for your products and services

  • Developing a new marketing & sales strategy

Our researchers have undertaken projects for many leading IT and communications organisations, as well as undertaking studies for many IT research organisations. they have a breadth of knowledge of the IT sector across all solutions and into many vertical sectors. Our qualified researchers have experience of talking to executive customers (upto and including CIO level) to determine their information technology requirements and understand their strategic directions. Through understanding your customers needs, you can ensure that the solutions that you take to them are addressing the pain points and therefore result in incremental business for you.