Start-up Companies: Outsourcing your B2B Appointment Setting

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Wise Investment or a Fool’s Paradise?

Ok you’re a young dynamic start up, with great a great proposition which you know will break open that particular market sector, so what can go wrong? Companies House register is littered with corporate corpses of start-up companies who had amazing products/services/ideas, who never made it, Why? Well a common reason is that they underestimated the cost of sales. This is often done by these companies offsetting the true cost of sales and building a pipeline by attempting to convert all the current staff into a makeshift sales team (which has its own inherent deficiencies) or they hire in their own telemarketing team which has an enormous impact on headcount and costs, especially if you are not yet geared up in your sales cycle to bear these costs. Thus outsourcing to a professional B2B telemarketing company where costs and the sales cycle can be literally switched on or off, is both attractive and compelling.

So why then in this age of digital marketing and global markets, is a B2B telemarketing campaign still so effective.

Below are six reasons why outsourcing your appointment setting to a professional telemarketing company can be beneficial to your business.

1. Speeds up the sales cycle

If your salespeople are setting their own appointments, they could be using half their time just generating meetings, with only the other half left to close the sale in a face-to-face meeting. Outsourcing the appointment setting of the sales cycle makes better use of your fixed cost sales forces’ time.

2. Working with a qualified list of prospects

A good telemarketing company will gather, analyse and prioritise the relevant data so they get directly through to the right people who are interested in your product or service. This is achieved by good planning and understanding of your target market and proposition.

3. Cost effective

Having a dedicated telemarketing team, generating a steady stream of qualified appointments, is more cost effective than using field-based sales people doing this role. In addition, by outsourcing your appointment setting, you will see a clear and strong return on your investment through the focus on this element of your sales process.

4. Maintains the ‘personality’ of your brand

Some companies have concerns that outsourcing their appointment setting to a third party will lead to a disconnection of their brand, culture and key messages. After all, no one wants to have their day interrupted by a ‘telemarketing company’. In fact, a key element is the training all our callers receive to ensure the depth of client immersion and empathy. We at VSL, for example, work closely with clients from the outset to truly understand their business and objectives, and continue to work seamlessly with them throughout the campaign. When they make a call, they don’t phone as VSL, or on behalf of anyone – they become the client.

5. Utilising the right skill set

Not all salespeople are built the same. Some are better on the phone, others thrive when meeting clients in person and others get a buzz from cold calling. If your salespeople don’t like, or aren’t good at cold calling, don’t make them do it! A telemarketing company can help achieve the best results because they employ professional telemarketers who cold-call and set appointments on a daily basis, and they know the techniques involved to be able to secure qualified appointments.

6. Scalable to the needs of the business

A telemarketing company is able to scale their services according to the demands of your business aspirations and budget constraints. If want to start with a small pool of prospects and gauge the results first before you broaden your outreach, a telemarketing company can scale their services up or down accordingly. This aspect is so crucial for so many start-up’s, as cash flow is the biggest killer of start up businesses.


VSL’s B2B Appointment Setting Services are tailored to the needs of your business. They will ensure that the key messages you want to get across are understood and the information you want to gather is relayed accurately.

Why not try our dedicated team of trained telemarketers, and set us the challenge of setting qualified appointments for your business!
If you are considering outsourcing to a telemarketing company, get the best with the experts at VSL and get in touch today to see how we could grow your business today.


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