Why working a list properly will always pay off

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Working a data list can sometimes feel like wading through treacle, especially if it is a cold list with lots of dead or incorrect data. However it is important when undertaking B2B appointment setting, to have a mindset of a detective when working a list, in order to analyse all the scraps of information from the calling activity; gaining information from repeated calls, brief conversations with gatekeepers & influencers, and reaching decision maker voice mails. After eliminating the records that are “not qualified”, “absolutely/positively not interested” and “disconnected numbers,” we focus on the remaining good records for our clients’ lead generation.


Method within the Madness

The process of working a list is really a combination of patience, diligence and having the credibility and confidence to ask difficult questions. During this process, it can seem like nothing is happening. Then, all of a sudden the appointments start to come in. We have seen this happen time and time again, but why? Because sometimes it simply takes that long to find the decision maker, learn whether he/she is worth pursuing and then to warm the lead. This process often results in a funneling effect, with qualified prospects clustering together.

We often ask ourselves if there can be a shorter process to schedule appointments on our clients’ calendars? And the answer is always no. The only area of the process which can show an improvement is the caller themselves, by experience and methodology. A good appointment setting firm will cultivate the leads, working on each record until the best outcome is reached, which ideally is identifying a qualified decision maker in the buying mode who is likely to convert into a sale for the client.

Whether you’re working with an outsourced firm or handling appointment setting internally, in order to increase your chances of setting an appointment, make sure you give adequate time to cultivating qualified leads. Ask your telemarketing team to document all valuable information; and gather all the facts. For example, does a phone number constantly ring busy or just ring with no answer? Sometimes a quick Google search can really payoff. We have always found that a little research can also help you find a recent business transaction the target company completed, a LinkedIn profile, or a network that the DM or business is involved with. All of these actions help us focus in the right direction while navigating the list. Additionally, never forget to engage the person on the other end of the phone, it is amazing what politeness and good humour can do. All of these strategies can help the cold caller stay on track for locating the decision maker.

Working a lead generation list in this manner weeds out dead ends and points to positive possibilities. Utilising labels such as “warm” and “future interest” and “callback

priority” lets us sort the list to focus on records more likely to convert to sales. However patience and diligence especially with planned callbacks is always required.

VSL has had many campaigns, where we were calling a very big list that was not “percolating” with strong opportunities. Then, all of a sudden, the opportunities came out of seemingly nowhere. That’s because we had been working the list for several weeks and then comes the pay off. This is why well planned sustained calling will pay dividends, it’s important not to judge the potential of a list or campaign in the first, second or even third round of calls. Cold calling is a stressful experience even for seasoned professionals. Exercise some of VSL’s B2B tips to help cultivate a cold call list that will increase your success!


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